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    Hyundai Kona: The Complete Electric Car

    The smart EV has also broken the Guinness World Record for highest altitude reached by an electric vehicle. This mentality has made Hyundai one of the leading carmakers in the country.  

    The Scenario:

    The auto industry is seeing drastic changes day in and day depending on consumer's buying behaviour. Consumers today are more environmentally conscious and are constantly looking for ways to decrease CO2 emissions and with respect to the auto industry, electric cars such as the Kona can help people do that precisely.

    Having understood the benefits of electronic vehicles to the environment and it's role in reducing pollution, governments worldwide are looking to boost the production of electric vehicles in the coming years. One more significant reason to opt for an electric vehicle is that major metropolitan cities might soon start having "Zero-Emission zones".

    The Problem and the Solution:

    But consumers are hesitant to go for electric vehicles due to high battery costs and the need for frequent charging. Still, with battery technologies getting cheaper, and the government chipping in with subsidies to boost electric vehicles, customers need not need to worry about it anymore.

    The Kona currently priced at around 23 lakhs* is justifiable as it has best in class features. It also has a top speed of 154 kilometres per hour and can go from 0 to 100 in less than 10 seconds.

    One does not need to worry about frequent charging as the Kona Electric has a claimed mileage of 452 kilometres (Modified Indian Driving Cycle - MIDC) on a full charge. The Kona Electric can either be charged with a 50 kW fast charging which powers the car up to 80 per cent in just an hour or a charger can be installed at home which takes 6 hours 10 minutes which can be left to charge overnight and will be ready to use in the morning. A small portable charger is given with the car that can be plugged into any standard wall socket for a quick charge.

    An electric vehicle can also help the owner save a fortune as it saves fuel costs, and it is also cheaper to maintain. The Kona Electric is offered in two variants, Premium and Premium dual-tone with no significant differences in features except the interior colour.


    Kona Electric is available in 5 different colours:

    Kona Facts & Trivia:

    • 1.   A CCS Type II charger can charge the Kona’s battery upto 80% in just 57 minutes.
    • 2.   Kona Electric also recently broke the Guinness World record for the highest altitude achieved in an electric   vehicle. It reached an altitude of 5,731 metres at Sawula Pass in Tibet to break the previous record of   5,715.28 metres achieved by the NIO ES8.
    • 3.   If your Hyundai Kona EV runs out of charge, Hyundai will send a mobile charging point to your device.
    • 4.   The Kona EV offers 80% lower running costs than a petrol car.


    The 5-seater Kona Electric has good features for its price range; the features comprises voice recognition, wireless charger, dual-zone climate control, front seats, ventilation, and seat warmer options. The electrically powered sunroof also adds to the overall ambience of the interiors. The safety features are also exemplary with 6 airbags, ABS with EBD, blind spot detection, hill-assistance, disc brake for all four wheels and an emergency braking option. It also has a pedestrian warning system which is very useful as the Kona does not make much noise.

    The Kona Electric also has driving modes to suit the needs of the driver. The different driving modes include Eco, Eco+, Comfort and Sport. There are paddles placed behind the steering wheel for easy toggling between the driving modes. The Kona electric does not have much competition because there are not many complete electric car options in India. If you are looking for a premium electric car, the Kona Electric is the best option.

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