Service Centre vs. Local Mechanic – Make an Informed Decision

Should you visit your local mechanic at the corner garage or an authorized car service centre? There depends entirely on the type of person you are and the journey (pun intended) you see ahead with your car.

Here are 11 factors that you should consider before making this decision:

1.Warranty Period

If your car is under warranty, going to an authorised service centre should be the default choice. Your car will need to be serviced in a standardised manner with manufacturer-approved parts to keep the car warranty intact. Moreover, any repairs will probably be covered by the warranty.

2.Resale Potential

It is usually easier to  sell the car and even get a better price  if your car has been regularly serviced at an authorised service centre. For this simple reason that the buyer can rest assured that the car was always serviced under manufacturer-approved guidelines with original parts, aka, the buyer can trust what to expect.

3.Original Parts

Authorised car dealerships and service centres are only allowed to use  manufacturer- approved  original parts. You can sleep soundly at night knowing that your car is only being fitted with genuine spare parts at the correct prices.

4.Individual Customization

Suppose you’re that relatively rare breed that enjoys tinkering around with your car and optimising it for the  individualistic performance  you desire. In that case, a local mechanic you trust might be a better option for you. Car service centres are often restricted in the level of customisation that they are allowed to do & usually have to comply with manufacturer guidelines set for optimum performance and government safety and emission protocols. However, to meet this need, car service centres offer a wider range of custom options.

5.Specialized Training

The technicians and mechanics at the service centres are  trained specifically to work on all the brand's car models, usually by the manufacturers themselves. Also, since they are constantly working on the same company car models, they have more expertise in handling your cars than the unauthorised service centres.

6.Technological Know-How

Today's cars often run on or are fitted with different  electronic systems  that are out of scope knowledge for local mechanics, as it requires special expertise for repair and maintenance. With the latest technology coming enabled in cars, it is better to be safe than sorry.

7.Costs and Expenses

It is common to think that local garages are always cheaper than service centres. Providing standardised services has allowed most service centre to offer  competitive prices  to their customers. Whichever way you decide to go eventually, it is worthwhile to check the prices for different services both at your local garage and an authorised service centre before choosing.


This is something hard to predict in a generalized fashion. The time taken by service centres vs local garages depends entirely on the number of  staff, equipment and customers  they have at a time.

For small issues that require fast resolution, such as a quick oil change, it might be faster to do a quick in and out at your local garage. For bigger issues or more time-consuming ones, service centres are often better equipped to deal with them quickly and efficiently due to their larger staff and better resources.

9.Facilities at Centre

If a well-lit, possibly air-conditioned  waiting area  with refreshments and a clean washroom is your thing, an authorized service centre is the way to go. If you don’t mind roughing it out, you could give your local garage a shot.

10.Personal Touch

Your local garage mechanic maybe somebody you have known since your teenage years and are familiar and comfortable with, and sometimes  we crave that personal touch  in our transactions today. Most service centres do recognize this now, and on looking at their Google reviews, it is apparent that most customers have formed these bonds with their service advisors and dealership mechanics. After all, it is local mechanics that move on to work at the service centres.

11.Location & Convenience

Our local mechanics are often  located closest  to us and, therefore, are most convenient. However, especially in urban areas, this is rapidly changing. Most dealerships have multiple car service centres spread through various parts of the city and usually at more accessible, convenient localities.

Complete list of Trident Hyundai’s Car Service Centres.

At the end of the day, whatever you pick, make sure to keep reliable records of all services done and parts used. Even the least enthusiastic automotive owners often find that their vehicle becomes an extension of themselves, and must be cared for as such.

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