Hyundai Venue - 75,000 Bookings In 4 Months

Hyundai Venue - 75,000 Bookings In 4 Months

The new Hyundai Venue sales keep getting better! The recently-launched sub-compact SUV has gained 75,000 bookings in just 4 months.

Hyundai’s newest sub compact SUV, the recently launched Venue has shattered previous records as 75,000 bookings have been made in just 4 months. With 42,681 units sold between May and September 2019, the Hyundai Venue has become the highest-selling UV in India.

Speaking on the success of Hyundai Venue, S J Ha, the Executive Director of Hyundai India said, “It is a moment for great pride for us as Venue had outperformed to become the No.1 Utility Vehicle in India.”

The advanced tech features and contemporary outlook help Hyundai Venue to deliver high performance and become the first choice of today’s millennial generation. The Hyundai Venue has created the required excitement in Indian auto Industry and has revived customer sentiments towards New Vehicle Purchase.

The Venue has entered the arena of Power Brands while diminishing all set conventions and creating unmatched benchmarks for Indian Auto Industry.

The Hyundai Venue boasts advanced safety systems that provide the best active and passive safety for stress-free driving. The Venue comes with a host of comfort and convenience features including electric sunroof, wireless charging, and cruise control to name a few.

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