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What do you mean by a Car Exchange Offer? Know more about this promotional program offered by dealerships, and see what it has got to offer

Car Exchange Offer is a promotional program offered by car dealerships where you can trade in your current vehicle for a new vehicle. While exchanging your car for a brand new car, you get a price reduction for your new vehicle, which is the exchange value for your car. The experts at the dealership determine the car’s exchange value after carefully inspecting the vehicle.

Factors that Determine Car Exchange Value

For a desired car exchange value, the following factors of the vehicle are considered -

Model and Variant of the Car

The dealerships look into the variants and models before offering an exchange price. If it is a luxury car or a top-end one, it is sure to get a higher price when compared to others. Get your car exchanged for a brand-new Hyundai car here.

Age and Distance Covered

The age of the current vehicle is a factor that influences the exchange value. A recent model has the chance of getting a higher price when compared to the older model of the same make. For example, a model manufactured in 2015-16 will surely get more value than one manufactured in 2009-10.

It is the same with the distance covered as well. A car with the least distance covered can get a better price than one that covered greater distances

Physical Condition of the Car

A smooth finish and a shiny look to your car can fetch an acceptable price. So, before you take your vehicle to the dealership, make sure that you thoroughly check the body to ensure that there are no scratches or dents on them.

Optional Features and Upgrades

Any added features in the car, like the music system or the tyres, may increase the exchange offer, and you may get a new vehicle at a better price. You may also replace the optional features with standard features while exchanging your car.

When to Exchange Your Car?

There are no special occasions to choose to exchange your car. You can visit a dealership any time (working hours) to exchange your current for a new car. You can exchange your vehicle at Trident Hyundai any time of the year. However, you could avail of better car exchange offers on special occasions.

The Documents required

Vehicle Title

The original vehicle title document ensures your ownership of the vehicle. If you wish to trade your car, you must have this document at all costs.

Registration Documents

When you go to the dealership for the exchange, get the car’s original registration documents. It can be a registration certificate or any other relevant document that will make the exchange process easier.

Valid Identification

When you go to the dealership for the car exchange offer, carry valid identification cards like a driver’s license, Aadhar card or passport. Having the appropriate id can make the process less tedious

Service and Maintenance Records

Service and Maintenance records may help you get a better exchange price than intended. These records provide all the information on the regular service and maintenance done on the car.

Insurance Record

During the exchange, car dealerships will ask for an insurance document or other related documents to ensure the vehicle is covered.

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