What is a cooled glove box in a car?

Automobile manufacturers have constantly been innovating their features to bring comfort to every corner of the car. One such feature is the cooled glove box.

The glove box, built into the car's dashboard, is often used for storing essential car documents and other miscellaneous items you need during your drive.

The glove box in older models can heat up quickly, especially during long drives. In recent years, automobile manufacturers combated this problem by adding an extra AC vent into the glove compartment or utilising the cool air directly from the HVAC system. This maintains the temperature within the glove compartment, keeping your documents and beverages cool.

The main advantage of a cooled glove compartment is that it helps keep all your beverages or food items cool in comparison to cooling them in the cup holder. It also helps keep your owner’s manual, insurance papers and other documents cool and well preserved so that it always looks new.


No, you cannot install a cooled glove box if your car doesn’t already have one.

The purpose of the cooled glove box is to keep beverages, food and any documents inside the glove compartment cool while driving.